I am a dedicated sound technician, what does that mean? It means that working with sound  is the only job I do for my living.   I started out my career in 1994 as a full time employee  at a video production company where I wore many hats.  At the company  I had the chance to get my hands on lighting and camera gear but I was drawn most to the sound department and began to focus on my craft.   As a result of my focus on sound,  I have the ability to maximize the recorded signal(s) and problem solve quickly under time-critical situations. These abilities only come with years of experience.  Audio is the one department that so often no one is paying any attention to unless someone later hears a problem in post.  That is the reason you want to hire someone you can trust recording your audio.    Over the years I have learned that not all directors work the same.  Some like heavy communication, some a little, some not at all.  I am  very comfortable in establishing parameters before we begin to shoot. An example, I can notify you every time I hear a plane, siren, a video call glitch,  etc.  or limit the interaction to what you desire.  Whatever level of communication you request, my goal is to protect you.   I want you to be happy with your product, and as a result, I hope to have the chance to work with you again.

Recording Sound since 1995